Sean Murray Not Ruling Out Paid DLC For No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky has been a massively popular indie title before it even released and now that both PlayStation 4 along with PC gamers now freely exploring countless worlds, players are curious as to what will come next for the game.

In the past, we’ve seen Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, reveal the developer’s intentions to release patches for No Man’s Sky rather than DLC. A quote from Sean Murray during an interview with Red Bull reads as follows.

“You should get this stuff without paying, even more, money. So no, there will be no paid DLC, just patches.”

Now after the game has released and perhaps some of the hype has died down, Sean Murray has changed his tune. A recent interview from Daily Star and the Hello Games founder reveals the developer may have been a bit naïve.

Now the developer has confirmed that he wouldn’t rule out paid DLC in the future. As the developers continued to work on the video game it could prove that they are unable to afford to add certain features into the video game for free.

“Maybe in the future, there’s some reason why we just couldn’t possibly afford to do a certain feature without charging for it”

What some of those features are and just when we’ll see paid DLC to start showing up for No Man’s Sky remains to be seen.