Meet the Lawbreakers Vanguard


In the last three weeks, we’ve gotten a chance for a closer look at Lawbreakers classes: from the Enforcer, to the Assassin, right down to the Titan. To finish off the set, we need to see what the Vanguard is made of. Thanks to Boss Key, their developers made a video showing us what this last class is all about.

The Vanguards are a faster character class with the capability of being a really good ranged support. What will stand out the most in this role is their flight suit, able to blast the Vanguard from side of the map to the other in a lightning fast pace. Use that flight suit to get some good air, and you’ll be able to launch their Meteor Shells attack – disrupting the battlefield with a volley of grenades. Pepper in some shots with the Hydra Tri-Core cannon, and then basically become Iron Man and unleash a hand blast of energy. To finish it all off, whip out the Vanguard’s special Starfall ability, giving one hell of a finale impact. The Law’s Vanguard, Maverick, manages to contain her lust for revenge in the vice grip of the law. But for the Breakers, Toska-9 is a full blown rogue killer machine.

Miss out on any Lawbreakers Alpha tests? Cliffy B is the man to see. To learn more about Lawbreakers head on over to their website, Twitter, and Facebook.