Meet the Enforcers of Lawbreakers

LawbreakersEnforcerHeaderLawbreakers has a new four week series coming out, going in depth with the Enforcer, Assassin, Titan, and Vanguard. Each one of these videos will have a short introductory piece (see below), with a much longer analysis with the developers coming the next day.

Whether you are a LAW or BREAKER- get your run n’ gun fix by playing Axel or Kintaro. Kick ass from afar with the Enforcer role by using the Aerator Rifle, get close by using the Badger Shock Pistol and finish off your foes with the shoulder-mounted Bloodhound Launcher.

In terms of other recent updates to the game, Lawbreakers introduced a new map called Promenade. This new battleground takes place in the middle of a futuristic Santa Monica/Los Angeles shopping complex. It was first revealed last month in the middle of E3, check out the trailer if you missed out. Along the theme of stepping the game up, there’s an upcoming new mode called Turf War. Lawbreakers will show the details of this off in a livestream event sometime this week.

The game is in the middle of it’s closed Alpha stages right now. But getting a key is as easy as heading on over to the Lawbreakers website and signing up. Alternatively, hang around Cliffy B.’s twitter long enough and you’re bound to catch a chance to grab a key or two there. The next Alpha test is this Friday and Saturday, July 22nd and 23rd.

To learn more about Lawbreakers in the meantime, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.