Meet the Lawbreakers Titan

LawbreakersTitanHeaderThe third in the Lawbreakers cast line-up is the mighty brick-sh!thouse that’s the Titan. Let the developers clue you in on what this tank is capable of unleashing on the battlefield. They already uploaded a clip yesterday with a brief glamour reel of this particular character, if you want to see that too.

Bomchelle is the Titan for the Law side, while Cronos is the might behind the Breakers Titan. The main weapons at work in the Titan arsenal are the lightning cannon and the rocket launcher. The former of which gives you a concentrated targeting to your strikes, while the latter is a boomstick of explosive damage. Their neutron mine drags enemy forces down to Earth, locking them in with a gravitational force. The pulverize move lets the Titan physically crush all who stand in their way, by the powers of weight. For the ultimate, the Titan goes into a berserk mode where they get increased health and a chain lightning attack, where the shoot pure energy out of their hands.

If you missed out on any Lawbreakers Alpha tests, Cliffy B is the man to see. To learn more about Lawbreakers click on over to their website, Twitter, and Facebook.