Kingdom: New Lands is Coming Soon


In Kingdom: New Lands, Kingdom gets an expansion update building upon the formula of the title. There’s not only new merchant NPCs and monsters added in the mix, but your protagonist can acquire different animals as their mounts this time around. A lot of the new content seems to be viking related, if that’s anything to go by. Check out the release trailer put out by the publishers over at Raw Fury.

What was the Kingdom base game all about? Kingdom was released back in October 2015 by the Noio & Licorice game development studio. You take on the role of a random King/Queen and you set forth to build a domain to rule among the medieval forest landscape. Toss gold coins at peasants to recruit them to your Kingdom, and train them to become hunters, soldiers, and farmers for your working class population. As your city tries to grow and flourish, it’s routinely attacked at night by a force of monsters. That’s something you have to contend with in order to survive because if a monster knocks the crown off your head and steals it, it’s game over. Then you have to start from the very beginning.

Kingdom: New Lands arrives August 9th for PC (Mac/Linux) and Xbox One. For news and updates, check out the developer’s website and  Twitter.