GOG.com Bringing Back 3 Disney Classic Games

DisneyGOGHeaderIt’s always a shame when some of the classic games of yesteryear are lost to time, locked away behind the boundaries of old consoles. GOG hears you. They’re bringing back three Disney games from the 16-bit era to modern PCs. Check out this new trailer, showing off these titles.

“But you could play these games on emulators for like, ever already,” some people may say. Well, now they’re available in a legal format, for people who care about that sort of thing. Now you can buy the classic Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book games for $8.99 each (limited time 10% off early-bird discount), or all three of them for a cool smooth $19.99.

Each of the games themselves are left untouched when it comes to graphics, gameplay, and sound. The only modernization that were made are to guarantee that the game works on computers in 2016. If that’s something you’re interested in checking out, they’re all available on the GOG front page right now.