Battlefield Games Getting a New UI Starting this Summer

BattlefieldUIHeaderEveryone is getting excited to see Battlefield 1 when it comes out this October. The developers behind the game have their nose to the grindstone to make sure everything is ready to go for launch.

DICE has plans in store to update the Battlefield experience. This news came out via Snowstandards on Reddit, who made a post in the subreddit showing a screenshot of the email he received.


The intention of this overhaul is to make a more unified experience across all the current Battlefield games that people are playing right now, or will be playing in the near future when Battlefield 1 comes out. As shown in the picture: there are plans to accommodate squad creation before entering a match, a recommendation engine to suggest relevant content to a player, plus the ability to allow you to swap between Battlefield games with ease.

This new UI is coming out to Battlefield 4 first, then it’ll make it’s way into Battlefield 1’s release. Battlefield Hardline will get it sometime after that. To stay in the loop with Battlefield news, check in on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.