Layers of Fear: Inheritance Gets New Trailer, Masterpiece Edition


Layers of Fear: Inheritance is a story that shows us the biggest fears come from our own memories and imagination melding together. Here’s the launch trailer, taking you back to the madness of the mind that Layers of Fear explores.

The mansion from the original Layers of FearĀ is nothing but ruins now. The artist was a bit of a crazy maniac, and he lost his sanity when he became obsessed with creating a masterpiece painting in order to avenge his own career. The artist had a family at some point during his career, and she’s the center of this new Inheritance DLC. She comes back to her childhood home here in order to come terms with the traumatizing experiences she faced growing up.

It’s a new story much in the same psychedelic horror tone the base game had. The all-in-all mind-bending journey to finding some answers with ourselves, captured and personified in this adventure. Much like Layers of Fear had in it’s first story, this follow-up will also have two different endings based on the choices you make during this trip of self-reflection.

If you want to check out both the original game in addition to this DLC, there’s a Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition available. Both of these offerings will arrive on August 2nd for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Stay in the loop about this game by checking out the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.