Players can experience the Black Death in the new Crusader King’s 2 DLC

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Crusader Kings 2’s new expansion, called The Reaper’s Due, will allow the integration of new ways to die, such as the Black Death. Epidemics and diseases spread from province to province via trade and sea lanes, which takes a toll on both income and the amount of soldiers.

Prosperity and Royal Focus allows for boons to be given to well managed provinces in the form of both gold and manpower.

Hospital and Royal Physicians allow to outbreak and progression of diseases to be prevented or slowed, within the limits of the medicine available during that time period.

Royal Seclusion allows monarchs to quarantine themselves within their castles and lets them choose to ignore the suffering of their people.

Finally, new event chains add to the mystery of the outbreak. Could it be the apocalypse, another entity’s doing, or even something otherworldly?

The questions above will be answered only by the player in their campaign.