Monster Hunter Generations to Get Legend of Zelda Windwaker DLC

Palico character can now don Link's gear.
This free DLC will drop sometime after the game itself.

Palico characters (the cat-like inhabitants) will now be able to wear Link’s iconic outfit from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This free DLC will be released sometime after the game itself, which is slated for a July 15th release. Palico players will also receive a Wind Wake themed baton, but will be unable to use the Master Sword and shield as they are non functioning accessories to the costume.

In addition to this content, Monster Hunter: Generations will also feature Fire Emblem crossover content. The implementation of crossover content really garners interest for a franchise and draws new fans in. The merging of these two fantasy worlds will really create a fantastic combination that is certain to impress fans of both franchises.

More features of the game have been covered here including quests and the new monsters that have been added, and, in addition, this article here also covers more features about the game play on the 3DS and information about its initial unveiling.