Full Rundown For Upcoming Street Fighter V Update


Fans of the Street Fighter franchise should be excited about the upcoming update and DLC set to launch this July for the latest installment, Street Fighter V. The video game is getting tons of new content and it’s big enough to warrant a full rundown on what will be coming available to the game.

You’re likely aware of three main components that will be coming to the Street Fighter V video game with the July 1, 2016, update. For instance, there are new characters being added into the game roster which includes Balrog and Ibuki, but also, fans will finally get a new single-player story expansion known as “A Shadow Falls”.

Thanks to a press release that was sent over earlier today, we’re getting the complete rundown of everything that will be available next month for the popular Capcom fighting title.

New Modes (Available For Free)
  • Epic new single-player story expansion “A Shadow Falls,” a first for Street Fighter
  • Launched single-player Challenge Mode:
  • Demonstrations – beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials for all characters
  • Trials – combo trials for all characters
New Characters and Costume (Available For Purchase)
  • Four new DLC characters: Alex, Guile, Ibuki, and Balrog.
  • Each character comes with their own unique Character Story.
  • Juri and Urien are coming soon, but they will be playable early in the Story Mode
  • New Story and Battle costumes for all released characters; Summer costume for Karin
New Stages (Available For Purchase)
  • 3 new stages (Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Kanzuki Family Private Beach) and 3 alternate stages
More free updates (available for free):
  • Update to the in-game shop w/real world money options
  • On-going improvements to matchmaking and online performance
  • “Rage quitting” system implementation
  • Increased lobbies in Battle Lounge for up to 8 players, with match spectating
  • Rematch option for online battles