Balrog’s Back In Next Street Fighter V Update

The longtime Street Fighter character Balrog is back in the next upcoming Street Fighter V update. This is a boxer based fighter that was first introduced into the Street Fighter franchise world as the boss in Street Fighter II. Now,  gamers can expect some of his old move sets along with a couple new techniques for his upcoming appearance that launches on July 1, 2016.

Capcom might have been struggling a bit with the release of Street Fighter V, from missed DLC updates and the server issue fiasco when the game officially launched, but the development team is pushing on. The next update for Street Fighter V launches the start of next month, July 1, 2016, and within this update, players will have access to two new characters, Balrog, and Ibuki who was originally set to release back in May before the character was delayed.

There are plenty of fan-favorite characters that have yet to be added into the Street Fighter V installment such as Blanka and Sagat. It will be interesting to see if these characters will eventually make it to the game along with finding out the decisions on how select characters were chosen to be brought over from past Street Fighter installments.

Regardless, gamers will at least have two new upcoming characters and a story-mode starting next month. Furthermore, two more character fighters were introduced at the end of Balrog’s trailer suggesting that will see Juri and Urien soon. For now, take a look at the Balrog’s character announcement trailer above and the Street Fighter V gallery posted down below.