Mortal Kombat Creator Talks Crossovers With Killer Instinct


Mortal Kombat X only released last year, but fans are eager to see what the next installment or potential DLC will be based on. After all, we’ve seen a number of Mortal Kombat X DLC that featured brand new characters from other IPs not directly belonging to NetherRealm Studios, the development team behind Mortal Kombat X. Today, we’re finding out that Ed Boon, series creator for Mortal Kombat, has an interest in a brand new crossover.

There’s plenty of interest from Mortal Kombat fans to see a great crossover with another fighting franchise. One fan of the popular video game franchise took to Twitter in hopes that Ed Boon would respond to his crossover potential question.

The Twitter user beckoned the question to Ed Boon if we would see a new crossover with Mortal Kombat, hinting that the Killer Instinct franchise would be a thrill to play with Mortal Kombat X characters. In response, Ed Boon made a comment that he loved Killer Instinct, but a crossover would likely be a Xbox exclusive, in which case this would mean Mortal Kombat vs Killer Instinct would only release on Xbox One and Windows 10.

This by all means doesn’t confirm that a crossover is in the works, but it’s definitely interesting to see Ed Boon specifically mention Killer Instinct. Furthermore, it has us thinking of what other franchises would be a good mix with the Mortal Kombat IP.

Nevertheless, the development team behind Mortal Kombat X, NetherRealm Studios, is currently developing the sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us. Because of this, we don’t particularly expect to see any crossover video game with Mortal Kombat to be announced anytime soon.