Gwent Card Game Officially Announced

Indicated by an earlier trademark filing, Gwent was officially announced today. CD Projekt Red has been working on a Gwent card game for the past year, after they realized people were sitting in Witcher 3 taverns and just playing cards. It’s both a multiplayer game, but also comes with a singleplayer game.

You pick a side – Skellige, Monsters, Northern Realms, or Scoia’tael, and you build your deck to fight against friends around the world. The gameboard is divided into three rows of Melee, Ranged, and Siege, with you placing different combat cards in these fields. You have to play your own cards wisely, while trying to eliminate your opponent’s best cards in return. Gwent will have an event filled world released in episodes across one large campaign filled with similar choices and consequences as the Witcher games.

You can apply for the closed beta here. It’s intended to test the game’s structure and balance, and it’ll be launched in a series of waves. Tune into their Twitter and Facebook for more info. It’s set to arrive on Xbox One and PC, with the closed beta arriving September 2016.