Witcher 3’s Gwent Card Game Coming as a Standalone Title?

GwentFeaturedHeadeerAccording to the newly revived NerdLeaks website, CD Projekt filed two trademark applications into the European Union Intellectual Property Office for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. It’s speculated that this will be one of the things that CD Projekt announces at E3 2016 next week. Alongside the registration, an official logo was attached as a picture to the document.

GwentTrademarkFor people unaware of Gwent’s greatness – it is a card game that’s included in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt side activities. You challenge an opponent to what’s basically a mini-war, where you try and dominate the melee, ranged, and siege cards they play in the battlefield. There are a variety of collectible cards you can obtain around the game world, strengthening your deck and adding a variety to your play style. You can challenge most merchants, some bar patrons, and even many of the game’s main story characters at certain points. You win money, items, and occasionally your opponent’s rarest card, further making your deck stronger. Gwent was highly praised for it’s inclusion, and the idea that CD Projekt would make a standalone game out of it is not surprising.