DICE Previews Battlefield 1 Weapons


Developer DICE has released new information regarding weapons in Battlefield 1, straight from the game’s weapon designer.

There will be six categories of weapons in Battlefield 1—shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, semi automatics, sidearms, and sniper rifles. Each category will have multiple different weapons to choose from, the developer added.

In a weapons Q&A on the Battlefield 1 site, Julian Schimek said the weapons in DICE’s new game are “a bit more specialized” than in previous Battlefield games. “To get the most of of them, you’ll have to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.”


Most weapons will allow for customization, Schimek added. However, they will be more focused. Players will be able to equip bayonets or to alter a weapon’s handling, “as well as changing [their] weapons sights’ magnification.” Skins will also be available, though Schimek mentioned DICE will reveal more on those “in the coming months.”

DICE has added a bunch of melee weapons to Battlefield 1, as getting close to enemes was “much more common” in World War 1. Weapons designers on Battlefield 1 created “a number” of distinct melee weapons with “different attack speeds and damage output.”

Players who get their hands on Battlefield 1 at the EA Play event next week may find the weapons to feel faster than expected. That’s because they are—DICE sped up bullet velocity to make “gunplay feel more authentic.”