EA Confirms Games Playable at EA Play Event


Electronic Arts has confirmed Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 will be playable at its EA Play event.

Hosted by EA CEO Andrew Wilson in Los Angeles and chief competition officer Peter Moore in London, the event kicks off June 12 with a press conference showcasing EA’s  most anticipated games. The publisher is expected to announce “a few surprises” as well.

Following the press conference, players attending the event in Los Angeles and London will be able to play upcoming titles, including Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, FIFA 17, Madden 17, and NHL 17.

EA will also broadcast the first-ever Battlefield 1 livestream—Battlefield Squads—at 2pm PT. It’ll feature two 32-player community-led teams competing for glory. And the teams are stacked, including well-known YouTubers, Twitch streamers, and celebrities—like Marshawn Lynch and Wiz Khalifa.


Other EA Play activities include hands-on time with EA mobile games, a live Madden competition, a signing with Todd McFarlane, and an autograph session with NFL running back Todd Gurley. Attendees will also be able to create their own custom Battlefield 1 dog tags, and collect six “special event pins.”

Tickets are no longer available for EA Play, but limited standby tickets will be available in-person at the Los Angeles event. Players unable to attend will be able to watch the press conference live on EA’s Twitch channel.

Check out the EA Play schedule for more information.