E3 2016: A Preview of Playstation’s Plans

E3SonyFeaturedHeaderPlaystation has this nifty E3 watch guide for you here. According to their post, there’s over 60 upcoming PS4 and Playstation Virtual Reality titles to expect, with over 18 hours of live video content shown off during E3 next week.  They further revealed a partial list of the playable games that you’ll be able to get your hands on at the show, if you’re an attendee.

PSE32016ScheduleIf you wanted to know what Playstation and Sony are doing for E3 2016, the only place you need to check out is their live.playstation.com website. This year, Sony has decided to make an all-in-one center for all their products during the week of the Expo. Various digital goodies will be offered to people who sign with their PSN IDs starting on the 14th, onwards.

Monday June 13th is the Press Conference, and it starts at 5:30 PM Pacific timeJune 14th to 16th has a series of Playstation LiveCast shows scheduled, in which hosts and presenters will explore what Sony has to offer this upcoming year in more detail. Easy and painless enough, right? But they also made it clear that you can watch their livestreams on YouTube, Twitch, their Live Events Viewer app on PS4 and PS3, and across 85 cinemas in North America. If you’re really into E3.