Resident Evil 5 Confirmed For PlayStation 4 & Xbox One



It’s official, Resident Evil 5 will be coming out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with new improved frame rate and 1080p resolution. The upcoming video game release will come packed with previous released DLC and will only set gamers back around $20.

After first being revealed through an Xbox listing, Capcom has since confirmed the game release for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As mentioned, the new Resident Evil 5 release for the latest generation of consoles will come with an overhaul on its framerate and will output in full 1080p resolution.

Resident Evil 5 DLC, Lost in Nightmare and Desperate Escape Story will be included with the $20 video game download. As for the story, the game follows Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar as they hunt down a terrorist threat in Kijuju, though it’s quickly revealed that old enemies and friends may show their face.

Overall, Resident Evil 5 sold well and received a mostly positive reception. The release of Resident Evil 5 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is set for June 28, 2016. Take a look at the new screenshots gallery which features the game in full 1080p down below.

In other Resident Evil news, there are rumors that the upcoming main installment to the franchise, Resident Evil 7, will have more of an old school horror feel compared to the series more recent action-oriented installments. It’s believed that Resident Evil 7 will make an appearance at this year’s E3 expo event.