Ibuki Joins The Ranks of Street Fighter V

Capcom has released a trailer for a new fighter that’s headed into the Street Fighter V roster, Ibuki. The fighter is one of the newer fighters to grace the long-running series. Ibuki is a high-school age girl with ninja training who wields kunai. She first showed up in The Third Strike. This time around, she’ll even have explosives to use against opponents.

Ibuki is one of six characters planned for release as DLC for Street Fighter V, and joins the ranks of Alex and Guile. The characters can be unlocked through gameplay or by purchasing the game’s DLC season pass. Future characters include Balrog, Juri and Urien. Additionally, players can also expect to experience the story mode once it launches in June.

Also on display is the Kanzuki Estate stage during the day, which may mean a new arena for players to battle in.