Planet Coaster Alpha 2 Now Available


The team behind some of your childhood favorite simulator games, Frontier Developments, has been hard at work on their latest Rollercoaster Theme Park Sim game – Planet Coaster. The alpha debuted back on March 22nd of this year, and even in the early stages, the game is getting positive reception from gamers. Today, Frontier took the next step and released their “Alpha 2” version of the game. A highlight of Alpha 2 is a revitalized building system for Roller Coaster. This video from the official YouTube channel demonstrates it in action.

But what else does Planet Coaster‘s second Alpha offer?  There’s a plethora of new creation options for you to play around with. The terrain tools allow you to play Mother Nature and build mountains or flatten the Earth as you see fit.

The release road map has Alpha 3 coming later this Summer, with Planet Coaster formally releasing sometime Q4 2016. Check out their website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel for up to date content.