Play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Five Days Early


For subscribers to Origin Access, you’ll be able to play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst five days early starting June 2, 2016, according to an official post on the Mirror’s Edge website. This is thanks to a little trial that will give gamers access to the game with a playtime that limits them to only six hours of gameplay before they will be forced to quit or purchase the full game.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the upcoming open-world action adventure platform game by EA Dice. This is a reboot to the 2008 release of Mirror’s Edge though this time around, we’ll get more origin story to the leading protagonist, Faith as she attempts to overthrow the giant corrupt corporations that rule her world.

The game doesn’t officially launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, until June 7, 2016. However, if you’re an Origin Access subscriber, you’ll be able to try the game out starting on Jun 2, 2016, with a few limitations.

As mentioned, the trial only gives players six hours to browse around the world and to play the singleplayer campaign. Upon completing the six-hour trial, gamers will be presented with the option to purchase the game in which case your gameplay data will be transferred over. However, you could bypass the campaign to instead explore the open world which is said to be huge according to the developer.

Now it’s worth mentioning that the Origin Access subscription does cost gamers $5 per month, though, with the subscription, gamers will also be given ten percent off the video game purchases.