Dark Souls 3 Enjoys Series’ Best Launch

From Software’s Dark Souls 3 has had the strongest launch in the history of the series, with three million copies being shipped to retailers, publisher Bandai Namco has announced.

According to a press release, the three million figure breaks down into 1.5 million units shipped in North America, one million shipped in Europe, and a further 500,000 shipped in Japan and Asia.

Over a similar time frame, Dark Souls 1 sold 1.2 million copies across Europe and North America while Dark Souls 2 shipped the same amount. It’s not currently known how many copies of Dark Souls 3 have actually been sold but it would seem that the game is ahead by a sizable margin.

From Software’s PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne sold one million copies in less than two weeks.

A new patch for Dark Souls 3 was released yesterday and focuses on weapon and magic balance tweaks, you can find details of it’s included here.

From Software is working on a PlayStation VR game following the announcement by From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki that they’re moving away from the Dark Souls franchise for the immediate future. Two DLCs are planned for Dark Souls 3, however, with the first launching this autumn and the second in 2017.

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