Dark Souls 3 Developer From Software Is Making A PlayStation VR Game

From Software’s next game could be a title for the PlayStation VR. The studio, best known for its work on Dark Souls and Bloodborne, has put up a recruitment video inviting prospective game developers to come work for the Japanese studio.

The video, which had been unlisted on YouTube since April, was discovered by a keen-eyed redditor who had been tipped off somehow or another. The trailer shows off all the games that the studio worked on previously, including 1997’s Armored Core right up to Dark Souls 3, which recently came out.

The video ends with an entry for 2017 calling it their next title, destined for release on the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR. You can see it below.


There’s little question that the studio is working on a new game for all three major platforms, but the revelation that the game may also be released for the PSVR indicates that the studio wants to do something out of the ordinary.

A few days ago, Dark Souls’ creator Hidetaka Miyazaki announced that he was moving away from the Dark Souls franchise, which concludes with the release of a second expansion slated for release next year, to work on an all new IP.

There’s a good chance that their next game will have a science fiction setting, but exactly what the game is remains to be seen.