Second Dark Souls III DLC Arrives 2017

DarkSoulsIIIHeaderPeople who enjoyed the recently released Dark Souls III might be disappointed to hear that they have to wait until 2017 to see new content released for it. The first is reported to come out this autumn, according to a post.

But a recent interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki via GNN Gamer shared details about the release date for the second Dark Souls III DLC.

編輯:未來 DLC 的計畫將會超過 3 個章節嗎?

宮崎:目前能公開的只有兩個大型更新的章節。首章在 2016 年秋天,第二章於 2017 年初。

For English speakers who can’t read Japanese, the question basically asks “when will DLC come out for Dark Souls III?”, and Hidetaka’s response reaffirms the Fall 2016 release date of the first one, but further sharing that early 2017 will be the date for the second.

Individual prices for these add-ons aren’t known yet, but buying a $24.99 season pass will get you instant access to both Dark Souls III DLCs whenever they arrive.

While I recommend you check out all the pictures in the GNN Gamer article, included down below are some highlights from the interview and event.

Dark Souls III came out back on April 11th. As you can see from this news, you’ll have plenty of time to jump in before new stuff is added.