Deus Ex: Black Light Cover And Synopsis Revealed

Deus Ex Black Light Cover And Synopsis RevealedAnnounced in a tweet today, we have the first details on the next book set in the world of Deus Ex.

Penned by James Swallow, Deus Ex: Black Light is a tie-in novel which takes place between the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The book’s cover features series protagonist Adam Jensen alongside Francis Pritchard, a supporting character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and head of Sarif Industries’ cyber-security division within the cyberpunk world of the Deus Ex series.

Deus Ex Black Light Cover

The official synopsis reads, “The year is 2029, and the shining promise of a new age of human augmentation is in ruins in the wake of the devastating ‘Aug Incident’ — a horrific catastrophe triggered by a cabal of shadowy power brokers, where millions of cybernetically-enhanced people suffered a forced psychotic break.”

James Swallow is a BAFTA nominee and New York Times best-selling author, who also wrote 2011’s well-received Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect.

Deus Ex: Black Light will be published by Titan Books and is slated to release alongside Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on August 23rd 2016.