Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Launches Tomorrow


Ready for a different kind of Star Wars?

Another game from the Games Workshop universe. This RTS game was developed with Unreal Engine 4. You’ll take control of a battlefleet to conquer the galaxy.

The biggest feature of the game is the singleplayer campaign, but you have the option to go with multiplayer instead if that’s more your style. Choose from Imperial, Chaos, Ork, or Eldar factions, and customize your ships to dominate the map. The longer your crew survives, the more experience they receive.

Anyone who pre-ordered the game or buys it within two months after release will get access to an additional in-game faction, as well as Space Marines.

With any Games Workshop game, they honestly can’t go wrong. The whole Warhammer 40K universe in itself is an expansive and vast franchise, which in itself guarantees you probably have a good time with it.

Check it out on Steam.