Todd Stashwick Disputes Rumors On Untitled Visceral Star Wars Game

Don’t start speculating quite yet, there’s nothing available about the upcoming untitled Star Wars game from development team Visceral Games. This may come to some shock as there has been strong speculation pieces and reports about the video game title, however, Todd Stashwick has cleared these rumors up when he guest starred in the podcast LeagueCast.

Since the announcement of this untitled Star Wars video game, the internet blew up with rumors and false reports. In fact, it was highly believed that this video game would be an open-world RPG title that focused on Han Solo. The truth of the matter is, there are no reports or official word on what the video game is about.

When asked about the video game and if the Han Solo RPG rumors hold any truth, Todd Stashwick stated the following:

The Internet thinks we’re doing an open world, RPG Han Solo game. None of that is anything we’ve talked about. We have not released anything about the game other than Amy Hennig is the creative director, Visceral is the developer, and I’m co-writing it.

The point in which this conversation opens up is about eighteen minutes in though Todd was still tight-lipped on the matter. As mentioned, the game has Amy Hennig, who formerly worked on the Naughty Dog series Uncharted attached to the project along with Todd Stashwick who is helping out with the storyline.

Fans have been pretty critical already about the video game simply because EA is attached to the project along with the mixed reception of the previously released Star Wars title, Battlefront. While no news has been shared on what the game is about, we can only wait and see what Amy and Todd come up with.