Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Blasts Onto Steam

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
is a classic to anyone who ever owned a Nintendo 64. The Star Wars game was one of the only few good ones in the franchise available at the time that allowed gamers to feel like they were flying through an actual Star Wars film in an X-Wing.

This exhilarating title was released on both the N64 and PC way back in 1998 and is now available on Steam for old school gamers hoping to rekindle their childhoods and for new ones who’ve yet to experience the thrill of flying in an X-Wing squadron. It comes with partial controller support, meaning that you’ll need to play around with your set-up to get it fully working.

The Steam version of the game is a port, designed to work on the latest version of Windows, but it does have some technical issues. You can’t alt-tab, for starters. Players have been posting the issues they’ve encountered as well as some workarounds on the Steam forums.

If you’re still up for it, you can pick it up for $9.99 on Steam.