Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Title Update Three Notes Out, Awaiting Certification

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
‘s third Title Update is almost done, as they await certification. For now, The Coalition have released patch notes.

The Coalition talked about this update earlier this month, and they have reported progress on the items they have promised to work on. Here are the most salient points:

  • Ultra-wide resolutions 2560×1080 and 3440×1440 support has officially been added in.
  • 1GB VRAM texture settings have received adjustments.
  • An FPS counter toggle has been added in.
  • Mouse input fixes.
  • Anisotropic filtering level setting support.
  • Visual corruption bug related to Nvidia cards fixed.
  • Visual bug connected to Unreal garbage collect fixes.
  • Optimizations for level transitions.

Matchmaking is also set for some temporary fixes. The Coalition has removed restrictions on number of strict NATs. Games can now start with 6 players in the lobby, with new players coming in to fill up the match after the fact. As for their to-do list, The Coalition is still looking at audio stutter for older PCs, multi-GPU support, and V-sync tearing. They are also still investigating what is causing reports of large hitches.

Finally, The Coalition has made some key decisions related to keeping the patch as small as possible. The main issue is changing the UI, which would require downloading over a GB in UI files. This, in turn, may require a full re-download of the maps. To avoid this scenario, they have made these calls:

1. FPS Counter / AF settings to be controlled through keyboard shortcut or INI.
2. Benchmark cameras not updated for 21:9 (required a content change). Benchmark will appear in 16:9 for now.
3. UI generally supports 21:9 properly but may appear stretched.

You can read full patch notes here.