Gears of War: Ultimate Edition’s Next Patch Will Fix Biggest PC Issues Soon

Gears of War Ultimate Edition
The Coalition has revealed what Gears of War: Ultimate Edition PC players can expect with their next major patch, coming next week.

The patch comes with performance optimizations, ambient occlusion tweaks, and fixes to mouse and texture settings. Texture settings have been refactored so you can better understand its VRAM requirements, and manage texture levels appropriately. For mouse controls, smoothing has been disabled, and it has been tuned for when the mouse is coming out of roadie run.

There are other concerns and issues with the PC version, and The Coalition sought to address them one by one.

  • The Coalition is still busy investigating NAT issues. For the moment, they are looking into how the matchmaking system should respond when you are given the wrong NAT.
  • In regards to queues, the changes to playlists starting next week should help trim them down.
  • The Coalition promises to add 21:9 and other ultra-wide resolutions.
  • They are also aware there are issues with unlocked achievements, and they are actively investigating this as well.
  • They want to reduce hitches every time you start a level and when you stream level chunks. They will also try to reduce audio stutter for when you play them on older CPUs.
  • Unfortunately, there is no update in regards to SLI support.
  • Lastly, The Coalition promises to bring more fixes to textures and will be waiting for feedback for mouse control changes.

The Coalition’s last update to Gears of War: Ultimate Edition¬†brought changes to boomshots, playlists, and matchmaking. They have also promised to add multiple GPU support in the future.