Gears Of War Ultimate Edition Major Update Includes Fixes To Boomshots

Gears Of War Ultimate Edition
‘s latest Title Update brings a large number of fixes and improvements. Chief among these are fixes to boomshots.

Boomshots were generally inconsistent, such that hits won’t register for even minor changes, such as aiming an enemy at their feet. The Coalition has handled most of these issues, so that they work as well as you would expect.

The Coalition also improved how earning the ‘Seriously’ achievement worked. Previously, only kills in the newly introduced Competitive Playlists counted towards earning the achievement. Now, the kills you earned in Social Playlists count as well. There will be a one week event for players to celebrate this occasion, called Seriously TDM. Play 30 respawn Team Deathmatch from today until 12pm PST on February 29th, on the Social Playlist. Take this opportunity to rush your way towards the ‘Seriously’ achievement in no time.

The update also includes these improvements:

  • Fixed matchmaking to reduce wait times
  • Fixed hit registration on downed enemies
  • Small fixes for Left Trigger
  • Fixed hit detection when shooting an enemy in cover against the top pillars on Clocktower
  • Removed POI on Right Stick for Alternate Control Scheme

And these changes to the playlists:

  • Execution mode more readily rewards XP
  • Blitz moved from Competitive to Social
  • New Competitive TDM playlist
  • Warzone is now a permanent playlist
  • Assassination returning as a temporary playlist

The update is 5 GB. You can read about Gears Of War Ultimate Edition being rumored for PC, and check out the launch trailer.