Transistor Soundtrack Now Available On Vinyl

Transistor Soundtrack Vinyl
Today Supergiant Games has announced that the soundtrack accompanying their visually stunning game Transistor will be coming to vinyl.

Already available digitally, this extended, double LP version of the soundtrack will showcase the award winning score of Transistor, featuring the award-winning work of Darren Korb and vocals by Ashley Barrett. As a bonus, it will include the additional track She Shines, not included in the compilation’s original release.

Encased in a vintage-style gatefold jacket embossed with lyrics from the game and the artwork of Jen Zee, this collaboration between Supergiant Games and Pirates Press will also come with a download code for the digital version of the Transistor extended soundtrack. Each record is pressed on 180 gram milky clear vinyl, and consumers are limited to two per person. Items will ship one to two weeks after purchasing. You can purchase it now over at the Supergiant Games official store for $39.99.

Transistor originally debuted back in May of 2014 as a very strong follow up to its predecessor, the well beloved Bastion. Of the game (which we also previewed), our own critic Mitch Bowman had this to say:

You know that feeling you get when you fall in love with a band’s debut album, only to be disappointed when, a couple years later, they release a total stinker? Supergiant Games has no intention of letting you down like that…With their sophomore effort, Supergiant have made an even better game than their first, and proven themselves to be a studio capable of consistently knocking it out of the park.”

The game is available on Mac, PC, and PlayStation 4.