Watch: Timelapse Video Of Superhot Mural Going Up Near Developer’s Office

The appeasingly stylish surprise indie hit Superhot is, well, super hot. This satisfyingly slick shooter debuted last month to strong praise from both fans and critics, and as a way of saying thanks the developers have posted this new video.

Depicting a Superhot themed mural going up in Lodz, Poland, on what is said to be a historic building near their studio offices, the video shows a team of artists sketching and painting the bold red and yellow figures seen in the game. To see the actual location you can visit it in Google Maps: , or just watch the time lapse footage above, which shows the work as it’s being painted on a brick wall, spliced with comparison shots from Superhot.

In our recent review of Superhot, video game critic Patrick Lindsey had great things to say about the game, praising the game’s sense of style:

“…the game positively, absolutely purrs. Completing any game is satisfying, but Superhot’s levels are designed so that players complete them in style. I can remember more than one occasion when I literally yelled out loud after I threw my gun into an opponent’s face, grabbed his rifle out of midair and shot him with it. It’s a game that doesn’t need excessive achievements, unlocks, or leveling up, because playing the game well is so much more rewarding than any creeping XP bar could ever be.”

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