Diablo III’s Upcoming Patch Adds Tons Of Cosmetic Items

Diablo III
has never really offered much in the way of cosmetic items. There were wings, sure, and a pet or two for getting a limited edition of a Blizzard game or a Blizzcon ticket. The newly announced 2.4.1 patch will add a ton of new vanity items.

There’s no release date for 2.4.1, but it’s out on the PTR (player test realm) right now and players have discovered a huge amount of new content in the form of wings, pets, and transmogrifications. These items are dropped by rift bosses, uber bosses, act bosses like The Butcher, menagerist goblins (a new goblin variant) and certain unique bosses.

A fan named Lumamaster datamined the whole thing. Here’s what’s in store:

1)Cosmetic_Wings_bfly: Cosmic Wings —> Unknown
2)Cosmetic_Wings_bat: Dark Bat —> Normal Rift Guardian Tethrys
3)Cosmetic_wings_bat: Osseous Grasp —> Adria
4)Cosmetic_Wings_bfly: Lord Culsu’s Wings —> Maghda
5)Cosmetic_Wings_bfly: Wings of Kokabiel —> The Merciless Witch
6)Cosmetic_Wings_bird: Falcon’s Wings —> Unknown

UPDATE: A new goblin has been added, known as the Menagerist Goblin. It drops cosmetics.

UPDATE: Here is the full list of new transmogs and possible locations:
TransmogSword_241_001: God Butcher (who knows where)
TransmogAxe_241_001: Aidan’s Revenge (perhaps drops off of Diablo?)
TransmogAxe_241_002: King Maker (Leaning towards TSK for this one)
TransmogFlail_241_001: The Que-Hegan’s Will (FOUND)
TransmogHelm_002: Helm of the Cranial Crustacean (FOUND)
TransmogFlail_241_002: Flail of Carnage (FOUND)
TransmogFist_241_001: Hand of Despair (Realm of Despair?)
TransmogStaff_241_001: The Reaper’s Kiss (FOUND)
TransmogPolearm_241_001: Man Prodder (FOUND)
TransmogSword_241_002: Amberwing (FOUND)
TransmogFlail_241_003: The Spirit of the Zakarum (unsure where this would drop)
TransmogAxe_241_003: Kanai’s Scorn (Probably somewhere in Ruins of Secheron)
TransmogAxe_241_004: Sungjae’s Fury (who are you?)
TransmogSpear_241_001: Steffon’s Heavy Lance (who?)
TransmogFlail_241_004: Templar’s Chain (Perhaps from that one bounty or the Campaign quest?)
TransmogFist_241_002: Panther’s Claw (….idk)
TransmogSword_241_003: Ghoul King’s Blade (probably drops off of a Unique Ghoul or something)
TransmogXbow_241_001: Crossbow of Corvus (so somewhere in the Ruins of Corvus probably)
TransmogMace_241_001: Mace of the Crows (probably somewhere in Act 1)
TransmogSword_241_004: Quinquennial Sword (FOUND)
TransmogSword_241_005: Second Quinquennial Sword (FOUND)

UPDATE: Here is the full list of pets and their names. There are 20 in total.

1)Cosmetic_Pet_teddyBear – Overseer Lady Josephine
2)Cosmetic_Pet_squire – Lamb : http://imgur.com/WflH6NS
3)Cosmetic_Pet_VoodooDoll – Ms. Madeleine
4)Cosmetic_Pet_nightmare – Unihorn
5)Cosmetic_Pet_gluttony- The Bumble : http://imgur.com/qFiJ8tj
6)Cosmetic_Pet_babysiege – Grunkk
7)Cosmetic_Pet_fallenHound – Buddy : http://imgur.com/USARHXF
8)Cosmetic_Pet_ghost – Haunting Hannah
9)Cosmetic_Pet_goatman – Lady Morthanlu
10)Cosmetic_Pet_hoodednightmare – Malfeasance
11)Cosmetic_Pet_mimic – The Mimic : http://imgur.com/TXfM53x
12)Cosmetic_Pet_FloatingSkull – Blaze
13)Cosmetic_Pet_FloatingSkull – Humbart Wessel
14)Cosmetic_Pet_spider – Charlotte : http://imgur.com/Nby0ATe
15)Cosmetic_Pet_zombie – Liv Moore
16)Cosmetic_Pet_succubus – Queen of the Succubi
17)Cosmetic_Pet_crawlingHand – Friendly Gauntlet
18)Cosmetic_Pet_cowking – That Which Must Not be Named : http://imgur.com/QEBEfMb
19)Cosmetic_Pet_bladedsoul – Galthrak the Unhinged : http://dh-deluxe.de/files/images/ptr2-4-1/pet-galthrak1.jpg
20)Cosmetic_Pet_yeti – The Bumble : http://dh-deluxe.de/files/images/ptr2-4-1/pet-yeti2.jpg

UPDATE: Here is a list of the new unique enemies that were added. Try looking for them!
FallenChampion_A_Unique_Cosmetic_02: Regreb the Slayer
TentacleHorse_C_Unique_Cosmetic_02: {ph}Princess Lilian{ph}
TentacleBear_C_Unique_Cosmetic_02: {ph}Sir William{ph}
FallenShaman_A_Cosmetic_Unique_01: Graw the Herald
x1_TriuneSummoner_C_Unique_Cosmetic_01: Nevaz
ZombieSkinny_B_Unique_313: Ravi Lilywhite


Dark Bat (Drops from Tethrys)

You can see some of the transmog items and wings in action in a newly uploaded video by Bluddshed: