44 million stolen gaming accounts uncovered


According to Symantec’s security response blog, the leading computer security software manufacturer, has come across a server hosting the credentials of 44 million stolen gaming accounts taking up around 17GB in disk space. The database server uncovered was part of a distributed password checker aimed at Chinese gaming websites, online games and a variety of websites which host online game. Not only were the login details of the stolen accounts being stored in the database, but the accounts were also being validated by a Trojan(Trojan.Loginck) distributed to compromised computers.

Wayi Entertainment, an online games publisher, contributed a staggering amount of close to 16 million account details in the dataset with 210,000 WOW accounts and 60,000 Aion accounts. Even though selling of online accounts is deemed illegal by online gaming providers the estimated value of these accounts according to a market research was between $35 and $28,000.

We would recommend you to keep your virus definitions up-to-date and you’d be better off changing your password if you’re a member of the above listed online gaming providers.