Rumor: The Division Will Have Drones DLC

Tom Clancy's The Division
New rumors are surfacing that indicate Tom Clancy’s The Division will have DLC that adds drones to the game.

Drones have a limited role in that Tom Clancy’s The Division. Agents can use flying drones to scout and mark enemies for attacks. There was originally going to be a mobile companion app that would allow players to control these drones, but Ubisoft opted to cancel the said app, citing imbalance issues. Drones are now listed under your Agents’ skills, under the name Firefly.

There are also crashed drones that tie in to the Agents’ missions. When agents find a crashed drone, they can attempt to retrieve data from it. These are also flying drones.

Based on the description in the game code for the supposed drone DLC, the upcoming drones are not airborne, but vehicular. They will also have rotors and tazers, and the entries include the words ‘Explosion’ and ‘Gunner_Target’. You can read the code that revealed drone DLC plans below.

The Division drones

In real life, land-based vehicular drones, also known as unmanned ground vehicles, are used by law enforcement and military for multiple applications, mostly in situations too dangerous to use human agents. They can be used to attack, but also disable bombs and mines, surveil, to draw first fire in military operations, and even in rescue and recovery operations.

While this code description mainly lists offensive capabilities, they may also have other uses. If Ubisoft does release this drone DLC in the future, it should be interesting to see if these vehicular drones will be as versatile and useful in Tom Clancy’s The Division as they are in real life.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will be released on March 8th, 2016 for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Would you like to have land-based vehicular drones? How do you feel about this paid content being developed in advance of the game’s release? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.