Street Fighter V Matchmaking Mostly Fixed, But Rage Quitters Are Still A Problem

Capcom has shared another update on the status of Street Fighter V‘s servers. Thankfully, this time the news is much better.

But then again, if you have been going online to play, you already know what Capcom has to say. Yes, the online and matchmaking issues that beset the game since launch have now been mostly fixed. By mostly fixed, we mean most players can now easily find matches and complete rounds with other players in both Ranked and Casual mode.

Capcom does know some players are having problems, particularly in regions like Europe and the Middle East. Work continues in improving the experience for players with constant fixes and monitoring.

There is another issue with online matches, and this one is not something they have total control over. Capcom acknowledges that some aren’t playing fair by disconnecting mid-match to retain their League Points. They are currently planning an appropriate punishment for these players, and will share an update for what they have planned.

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