The Latest Trailer For The Flame In The Flood Takes You Whitewater Rafting

The trail of breadcrumbs leading up to the release of The Flame and the Flood gets another morsel today with the debut of another Wilderness Tips video. The third to be released so far, this one covers the topic of rafting, of course in that cheeky, now-signature sense of humor pervading all the trailers thus far.

This appears to be the most thorough look at the game yet; previously released footage didn’t give much of an idea of what the gameplay of The Flame And The Flood would entail. This footage seems to reveal what may be the game’s core objective, as the player navigates a swollen river on a flimsy raft, avoiding obstacles, repairing and upgrading their vessel, and above all, just trying to avoid smashing into rocks and other environmental hazards.

As for the tips themselves, The Flame and the Flood developers The Molasses Flood say to chart your course and go with the flow of the rapids to safely steer your vessel through the rushing water. Your vessel can be upgraded with items like stronger frames, improved rudders, a water purifier, and a stove, no doubt improving the life of your player character (and their dog!) but also ensuring their survival as you whitewater raft your way through the game.

Previous tips videos showed players how to hunt and gather, and how to deal with the local wildlife, suggesting that there’s more to this game than just careening down a procedurally-generated river of death. Find out when The Flame and the Flood debuts on February 24 on PC and Xbox One.