Flame in The Flood Trailers Shows Players How to Hunt and Gather

The Flame in The Flood is a unique rogue-like title that should capture your eye from the art style as the game is aesthetically beautiful. However, The Flame in The Flood is also quite the mystery as the development team behind this captivating indie title, The Molasses Flood, has yet to reveal much of the story for potential gamers. However, the latest trailer released for the game does give a bit more insight to players in how they will go through the The Flame in The Flood when hunting and gathering food during their epic journey through post-societal America.

Not only does The Flame in The Flood look intriguing, gamers should find an interest from the indie development studio alone. Developers, The Molasses Flood is a studio that was started up by former employees of studios Irrational, Harmonix, and Bungie where they have worked on AAA video game franchises such as Rock Band, BioShock, and Halo.

This will mark as their first video game production in which the overall goal within The Flame in The Flood is to travel through the backwaters of a forgotten post-societal America. Through this journey, players will have to forage, craft, and avoid the dangerous predators that they’ll come across as showcased within this latest trailer. Players will set traps to capture rabbits such as snares or deal with predatory animals like wolves through the means of a spear trap.

However, if the gameplay hasn’t sealed the deal for you then perhaps you’ll fall in love with the soundtrack. It was revealed that the game would contain an original full-length soundtrack by artist Chuck Ragan, known for his folk rock music although it was noted that Chuck would be met with The Camaraderie, The Fearless Kin, along with other special guests. If you would like to check out the upcoming The Flame in The Flood then you can do so when the game releases officially on February 24, 2016, for the Xbox One and PC.