This Week’s Rock Band 4 DLC Is Pretty Metal

rock band 4 dlc motorhead
Another week, another gig. It’s time for the DLC deets for Rock Band 4 for this, the second week of February.

In the latest update, three new songs are coming to the game, each with the serious potential to cause head-banging related neck damage. They are “Got Your Six”, from the latest album by Five Finger Death Punch, “Figure It Out” from the self-titled debut album by British rockers Royal Blood, and “Thunder & Lightning”, a Motörhead track from the last album recorded with the legendary band founder, bassist, and lead singer Lemmy Kilmister.

Get a preview of the new tracks in this week’s Rock Band 4 DLC trailer, which you can see below. Each song is available for $1.99, and will be ready for digital purchase and download starting today.

In other Rock Band 4 news, last week’s DLC update included a variety of love-themed tracks to coincide with Valentine’s Day this past weekend, covering a variety of romantic emotions from love to lust to pure loathing. A recent update also fixed a number of bugs including an exploit that threatened the legitimacy of the game’s online leaderboards. The errors were wiped out and the exploits were fixed, restoring Rock Band 4 to a clean slate. While all players were subject to the leaderboard clean-up during the update, Harmonix promises that in the future, targeted swipes will be used instead so that only affected players will be subject to the change.

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