This Dying Light Custom Map Is A Remake Of Silent Hills (P.T)

Dying Light - Custom Maps _REPETITION PT Demo Silent Hills
A fan has recreated the infamous Silent Hills demo, PT, in Dying Light.

Named Repetition, the fan mod built a map that may not match every single detail from PT demo, but is a faithful recreation in the ways that matter. You will be no less terrified, as every inhuman creature and sound from the original has been recreated or represented in a different manner. As this fan pointed out, the map makes use of the assets available in the mod tools to create a similarly eerie, jumpy experience.

The map is testament to the power of Dying Light‘s engine, as well as the mod toolkit Techland has made available, but that is not even all there is to it. Ultimately, the recreation works thanks to new lighting post process effect customization made available in the latest patch. This allows users to use sepia, black & white, poster and other effects.

You can watch a video tour of how the map looks like below. As you may note, this video was recorded on a PlayStation 4 copy of Dying Light, but the map itself was made in PC, as mod tools are not available in PlayStation 4 yet.

Techland and Warner Bros Interactive just release Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition a few days ago. The new edition came with changes to PvP multiplayer. Silent Hills was canceled April of last year. In the months since, it came to light that manga artist Junji Ito and Gears of War developer Cliffy B were each once attached to work on the game.