Dying Light’s New Trailer Highlights Changes To PvP Multiplayer

Developer Techland has been releasing a steady stream of information concerning the Enhanced Edition update to its 2015 horror survival game, Dying Light. Latest among these announcements is the way the game’s multiplayer is being reimagined.

The announced changes include the addition of weaponized buggies, a new map, and new tactics for both the survivors and the Night Hunter. The 4v1 multiplayer mode has also been received “various balance tweaks” that, according to producer Tymon Smektala, “translates into a new experience that will surprise even veteran Be the Zombie players.” The trailer shows off the weaponized buggies, in addition to some of the small tweaks to the Night Stalker. Watching the cars collide with the beast is quite exhilarating. It looks like the buggies and the Hunters will be roughly evenly matched.

This is one of many different updates and changes being made in the Dying Light: Enhanced Edition update, which also includes various new bounties and daily activities meant to keep players coming back. Anyone who has the base game will receive the update for free. Those who purchase The Following expansion will receive all of the free content in addition to the new map that is twice as large as the main game. In our recent preview, we got to sit down with the expansion and found the dune buggies, the DLC’s primary addition, to be fun. You can also watch 16 minutes of gameplay footage here.

Dying Light: The Following and the Enhanced Edition update are both scheduled to release February 9th, 2016.