Fashion Designer Creates Amnesia and Assassin’s Creed Inspired Collection

Australian designer Anna Cabral has created a small fashion collection inspired by Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

The ‘Amnesia Creed’ collaberation, which is also based on Neil Gaiman’s Stardust, debuted at the Australian Academy of Design’s graduation night and is a tribute to fashionable gamers and geeks everywhere.

“My collection is primarily based off Neil Gaiman's 'Stardust' and originally had three girls and three boys planned. However due to time constraints and a good sit-down with my tutor, we decided a strong male lead was needed – just the one.” Says Cabral, who’s collection was modelled to the music of the Assasin’s Creed: Revelations trailer. “This meant trying to condense an innocent lead male, a cruel villain and a gruff but flamboyant pirate all into one central character. What I settled on was a bit of a rascal – a cheeky bad boy with a good heart but the capacity for evil.”

Cabral’s name for the collection, as she describes, is a coming together of aesthetics. “The Rascal's outfit was based on Daniel's clothing, from the colour palette down to the need for a lantern to light the way. I wanted to capture the dark atmosphere of Amnesia which is what I loved most about the game.The Assassin's Creed part came from the powerful music used for the Revelations trailer and the hooded cloaks the Assassins use to mask their identity.”

Perhaps there is something fashion could learn from video games as a resource of inspiration and ideas – Cabral agrees. “Hell yes, video games are untapped potential for fashion!” She tells us enthusiastically. “Fashion is so integral to a character. It tells you all about a character even before they speak.”

According to Cabral, us gamers might have a little more in common with fashion designers (and followers) than we think. “I just think the general public view gaming as something solely for adolescents and not something 'serious' for adults. In a way fashion is like that too because it seems so frivolous – but really, gaming can be another platform for storytelling just as clothing can be too.”

You can view the rest of the collection, along with other collections from other graduates, here.


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