How to Change Your Origin ID in Battlefield 3

If you've been playing in the Open Beta for Battlefield 3 you will have noticed the absence of any way to change your Origin ID, which determines the appearance of your username in the game. As such, many of you might even be stuck with your real names displayed publicly.

There is no possible way to change set your Origin ID in either Battlefield 3 or the Origin client for the PC.

Thankfully, it's possible to do so through an iOS or Android device. Simply download EA's Scrabble Free and log in with your Origin account. Once logged in, click the small gear in the bottom left corner to enter the Settings page and click "Edit Account." You'll be given the option to change your username to one you're comfortable with so long as it isn't taken up by anyone else.

I can only hope EA adds the ability to change your username in a future update for the Origin PC client, because all things considered it's a pretty backwards workaround.

Full credit goes to redditor Warmain for discovering the workaround.