Rosa Blackwell Returns in Blackwell Deception

If you like classic adventure games, prepare to get hyped. Blackwell Deception is the fourth in the Blackwell series (although the release assures us that each is standalone) and follows the lead character Rosa and her friendly ghost sidekick Joey Mallone as they solve crimes in New York City.

As Rosa, a psychic and red head, starts seeing more and more confused spirits she realizes that something is amiss. As she investigates further, she finds a connection – all of the spirits came into contact with street psychics during their final days. She must figure out the mystery before more people fall victim of this dark conspiricy. 

With two playable characters and an "engrossing mystery storyline", Blackwell Deception seems like it could be well worth a look. It's available for $14.99 from the official website or as part of a special DVD offer containing all 4 games for $24.99 (also available from the official website.

From the press release:

"Blackwell Deception has been a long time in coming, and I'm excited to finally deliver. I truly think it's the best Blackwell game so far," says Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games' CEO and creator of the series. "During its two years in production, a lot of care has been put into the story and puzzles to ensure that Blackwell Deception can stand alone. So new players will be able to jump right in — but old fans should feel like no time has passed at all."