Dying Light Nightmare Mode Revealed With New Trailer

In the third video to highlight the changes coming to Dying Light with the release of The Following, Techland has revealed details on a new difficulty mode that the DLC will bring. Nightmare Mode, as seen in the footage above, will require more careful planning from the player, as nights are longer, enemies harder, and reliance on map and zombie detection less effective. A stamina bar has been added, harkening back to the developer's Dead Island days, while Easter Egg weapons will be disabled to reduce player advantage. Death will also result in all earned XP to be reset to zero (to the last level you gained), meaning the stakes are even higher than before.

While it comes at a high price, Hardcore Mode will provide some benefits to the player, including dramatically increased XP rates, XP boosts per additional party member, and more abundant Gold weapon drops. Check it all out and get more details in the video above.

Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition comes out on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 9, 2016. To see our preview of the DLC, click here.