Destiny Players Will Soon Have More Privacy Options will soon be overhauled to give third-party app developers more options when it comes to the Destiny community network, while also affording players more options to protect their privacy.

A new post on the site’s forums say that Bungie plans to introduce privacy options in the next platform update, meaning that you’ll be able to hide the fact you’re a “kinderguardian” for instance.

“Once we deploy this build, users will be able to go to their Settings -> Privacy page and toggle whether they want their non-equipped Inventory (private by default), historical stats (public by default), and advisor data (public by default) to be visible by other users or anonymously,” Bungie’s Alex Loret de Mola explained.

This means that should you decided to opt out, randomers on the internent will not be able to input your console ID into services such as the Destiny Tracker to see your details.

The new build, due this week, will also add the ability for third-party developers to reveal much more information about your characters in the game, for instance.

It was recently reported that Destiny 2, which had been expected to launch this September, has been delayed.