Activision Denies Destiny Microtransaction Rumors, Will Not Be Selling Ammo for Cash

A rumor circulating about the future of Destiny DLC has been officially shut down by Activision. Contrary to a story from VG247, the publisher will not be selling in-game ammunition for real life currency, telling GameInformer simply, "We're not doing that".

The original report points out that the rumor is an old one, sandwiched last year among two other rumors that later turned out to be true. Nonetheless Activision has issued a denial. If true, the rumor could have deep implications for the game's balance, which has long time fans concerned.

Other rumors about Destiny have surfaced lately, and details for the year's upcoming DLC releases have already been leaked. It is said that a sequel is in the works possibly for next year, with company higher-ups still in the process of deciding what content will be assigned to the new game, and which will be released as part of the original. Destiny debuted on September 9, 2014.