Just Cause 3 DLC and Updates On The Way

Players of Just Cause 3 will be able to experience all new content for the game when Avalanche Studios releases the game's first DLC, called Sky Fortress.

Sky Fortress is one of three major expansions for the game, and is a part of its Air, Land and Sea DLC Season Pass. The DLC is also available for anyone who purchased the XL Edition. It's set to add new missions and features set in the skies of Medici, the game's island paradise.

Additionally, the studio is releasing all pre-release content for the game, which was given free to anyone who pre-ordered the title. Players who missed out on the pre-orders can pick them up separately.  

The developer says that it is currently playtesting the content at the moment and will provide updates as to its development they become available. 

In addition to working on the new DLC, the studio says it continues to work on fixing and optimizing the core game and plans to release a new update later this month to address outstanding issues with the game. 

Fans of the game have voiced hopes that the patch will add SLI and Crossfire support, which the studio's other title, Mad Max, completely supports.